An immediate success, with a large increase in online bookings.

Hailed as a great success by owners Damien and Brad.

Tinamba Hotel

The Tinamba Hotel is Gippsland’s best fine dining, and a multi-award winning restaurant; AGFG Chef Hat recipient, Pub of the Year and Best Regional Restaurant.

Tinamba Hotel’s food, location and image speaks for itself.

The Problem.

The clients Damien and Brad were happy with the existing content and overall design of their website, but wanted it to be more functional.

The challenge was to ensure that the Tinamba Hotel branding and content wasn’t lost, but at the same time the menu and bookings sections needed to be made much easier to navigate and make changes to.

The website’s menu section in particular was important to Damien and Brad, as Tinamba Hotel not only has a constantly changing seasonal selection of dishes, but they have multiple menus depending on the time of day, or day of the week.

Directing visitors to the menu and showcasing what Tinamba Hotel does best was the key.

Working with Tinamba Hotel also included an overall digital strategy for the business, to better attract customers and encourage bookings for groups.

Since strategy is key for Tinamba Hotel rather than simply a web presence, the challenge was to build up a strong strategy for digital media to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Tinamba Hotel had a goal of attracting tables of 4; a full car of people travelling from anywhere across Gippsland or Victoria.

The Solution.

Damien and Brad are great to work with, and they knew what style they wanted the website to have, so it was an all-round fantastic experience working with them to bring the website up to date.

As Tinamba Hotel has three different menus, it was important to make sure they look great and are easy to read, as well as being a breeze to quickly update for the client. Being able to quickly go from reading the menu to booking a table is a strong point of the new site.

A major part of the new website is booking functionality, which was achieved by adding an OpenTable system to allow customers to easily book a table, and the staff were trained how to manage it.

Damien and Brad had been previously handwriting their gift vouchers, so we created a system to book online vouchers that would take the stress off Tinamba Hotel and work smoothly for them.

We also created a stylish news section that lets the Tinamba Hotel team share what’s going on with the business and better communicate with their customers.

In order to achieve the goal of attracting tables of 4, we worked with Tinamba Hotel to create an ideal scenario for the ideal guest, “Lisa”. This allowed us to picture the sort of avenues to attract “Lisa” and her friends/family, using a strong digital campaign to appeal to “Lisa’s” favourite things.

From here, we created a new Sunday lunch special in order to casual weekend customers who may not have a specific location in mind and may go somewhere else on a whim.

This campaign centred around “Snday”, where “the only thing missing is U”, with a strong push on various platforms to get people thinking of Tinamba Hotel when they thought of Sunday lunch.

The Result.

The website was an immediate success, with a large increase in online bookings, visitors to the menu page, and social media response.

The gift vouchers have sold extremely well since implementing the online system, which has been hailed as a great success by Damien and Brad.

There has also been a vast increase in social media interaction, with lots of comments online now of people tagging friends, which was the ideal response.

Check It Out.

Visit the Tinamba Hotel website by clicking here…

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