Website traffic has hit almost 3 million views across the network.

An increase of 58% compared to the previous month's traffic.

Station Website & Apps

Here’s a scary fact: Apple sells more iPhones (402k) each day than there are babies born in the World (300k).

The Internet is a short reach from the pockets of everyone you know and is all the indication you need that the web has broken out of its computer shaped box. As technologies rapidly change, our focus is set on MOBILE where more than 80% of our traffic now source our online content from.

At ACE Radio, we set out to Design and develop new station websites and streaming apps across the Networks 17 stations using a mobile first approach. Built in-house by our very own designers and developers from the newly appointed ‘ACE Digital’ department.

Our goal:
Boost website and streaming traffic by increasing social media interaction. Driving listeners to our websites to generate a new revenue stream beyond radio.
Provide the best user-friendly experience possible to enhance brand awareness across our markets, engaging with new & existing listeners in our target audience, beyond on-air.
Our (17) new sites and apps presented the opportunity to meet listener’s expectations as consumer habits rapidly revolutionise. Listeners who now rely on social media to stay informed during the day are able to indulge in local content (Video, image/galleries) from wherever they are. Directing back to our mobile sites, giving the optimal viewing experience from their phone. 
Adopting a mobile first philosophy will allow us to deliver innovative experiences using new capabilities available to mobile as they come online.
We even have the ability to produce breaking content from the palm of our hand. Allowing reporters to deliver online articles from out in the field. 
Particular focus was placed on the UX process with emphasis on the thumb zone. For this reason the primary menu is anchored to the bottom of the page. Enhancing the user experience and increasing time spent on site.
Strategically positioned (responsive) adverts have been introduced for the very first time, generating a new source of revenue.  
Furthermore, listeners are now able to view articles and enter competitions on our station apps, transforming it from just a listening platform to a one stop local content source.
To help launch the new assets, TRFM ran a successful on-air promotion sending a lucky winner to see Beyoncé live in New York, pushing record-breaking competition traffic to our websites. 

In a few months since the launch:
Website traffic has hit almost 3 million views (1,956,268) across the network, increasing by 58% compared to the previous month’s traffic.
With an average of 63% returning visitors online each month, people are coming back time and time again. 

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