The Little Trading Co. Branding.

A whole new approach to local dining.

The Little Trading Co.

The Little Trading Co is an umbrella copy that encompasses two gorgeous Cafe’s in the Gippsland Region ‘Little Alice Cafe’ in Bairnsdale and ‘Sparrows Nest’ in Lakes Entracne.

Little Alice Cafe: On a winter’s day back in 2014, something happened to change the local dining scene forever. The Little Alice Cafe was born and with it a whole new approach to local dining. 

Sparrows Nest: After the people of Bairnsdale voted with their mouths, it was time to take The Little Trading Co way of doing things – good food, local ingredients, comfortable spaces – East, to Lakes Entrance. Sparrows Nest is a friendly, welcoming cafe that’s been described ‘as comfortable as having tea at your grandparent’s home”.

Material made for The Little Trading Co:

  • Corporate Identity (Logo design / Full Branding)
  • Logo Design for Sparrows Nest
  • Website (Design & Develop)
  • Menu Designs for Little Alice Cafe & Sparrows Nest
  • Drink Menu Designs for Little Alice Cafe & Sparrows Nest
  • Brochure
  • Coffee Cards
  • Gift Vouchers
  • DL Informative Flyers
  • Postcard Invitation
  • Stamp Design
  • Photography
  • Uniform Designs

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